Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's New?

What on earth am I doing at this time of day at my computer? Can't sleep so I gave up. I popped over the the Bike Tech blog then to Mike Johnson's. I was tagged and I thought...why not. Here goes.

What was I doing ten years ago?
Let's see. Elizabeth would have been one. The boys 10 and 8 so that would mean going to games, Cub Scouts, church things. I worked at Lincoln Elementary for 3 hours a day having started at 90 min. a day. I think that sums that up.

What are five non-work things on my to-do list today?
1. If I go back to sleep and then wake up in time I might go to church.
2. My aunts and 2 cousins are visiting from Michigan, so it is a cookout at Porters. Plenty of food, Gater rides and pictures to take.
3. Evidently I am hosting some sort of food event at my house Monday...I should think some about that.
4. Nap
5. Pick up house???? If time.

Snacks I enjoy?
Popcorn. Other salty -crunchy things that are most likely bad for you.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
I would do the same as Mike and quit my job. Travel would be a must, with sisters or Mary and Audrey. Of course I would pay. I would make my list of who I would be giving to time and money.

Places I have lived:
Fort Dodge, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Waterloo, all in Iowa, Madison, Wisconsin, and Bentonville, Arkansas.

Jobs I have had: No particular order.
babysitter, detasseler, McDonald's 2x, Bishops Buffet 2x, KFC, Beaver Hills Country Club, 5 Sullivan Brothers, Area 7, Cedar Falls Schools 2x , Wood Design Group, Gordan Advertising, Northern Glassblowing, American Professional Color, someplace on Main Street, 2000 U.S. Census, Professional Office Services, probably a couple others and freelance architectural illustrator!! I am looking forward to being in a place for more than 5 years!

Tagging others: I lost most of my bookmarks and Blue has already done it. I'm a dead end.

This has been a weekend of reflecting for me. Can it be 3 months ago we were planning a funeral and our lives changed forever? It seems like yesterday but a foggy yesterday. People ask me how am I doing. I most always say okay. Some days it actually feels "okay" sometimes it all is overwhelming. Everyday I miss and think about David. All those little things you know.
My list of things to do is getting longer all the time even though I have been working on paper stuff steadily. I still have close to 200 thank yous to write. I think about adding, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" to the back of the envelope, but that seems tacky.

I would like to thank all those who continue to keep us in mind. You say that we are in your thoughts and prayers. I can't help but think, "Wow its 3 months and people still are thinking of us?!" It means allot when people come up and tell me that.

My community is larger than I imagined: family, friends, church, neighbors, Scouts, bike family, former coworkers and my really great school coworkers. Having had so many places of employment I haven't had the sense of togetherness and support that others do. Till now.

In particular, would like to thank my friends, Mary, Audrey and Jen. They really help me in many ways all time. I thank my sister most as she has helped me even though I have been crabby and tired, crying, yelling and saying things that I would not say to others. She has not walked away from me yet!

Though this really is a photo blog and try not to talk about myself, I would be remiss not to publicly try to thank everyone but these 4 special people in particular have gone above and beyond friendship.

Doing okay,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Colorado 2008

After looking at all of my pictures the last couple days I think I have picked my favorites. The key to a great photo: subject, composition and lighting.

I have had the thought pass through that perhaps I take too many pictures. After all, most people take one here and there and are happy with what they have. I guess I am unable to do that. Looking always for a slightly better way to record what I see. Quite often I can't quite capture what I really see but when I get a good much better the reward!
Rocky Mountain National Park:
Elk Grazing Below the Alpine Visitors Center

RMNP: Englemann Spruce

RMNP: Hidden Valley

Highway 36 West: Sunset

Winter Park: Crankworks Free Ride Mountain Bike Festival, practice

Winter Park: Crankworks Free Ride Mountain Bike Festival, finals

Leadville, Mineral Belt Trail: Aspens

Leadville: Sun and Rain on Mount Massive

Leadville: Amy

Leadville, Mineral Belt Trail: Miner's Leftovers

Leadville, Mineral Belt Trail: Shades of Green

Leadville: For Sale, Some TLC Needed

Twin Lakes Reservoir: Clouds

Leadville: Leadville 100 Mtn Bike, Waiting For the Start.

Twin Lakes Reservoir: A Sister Reflects
Leadville: Congratulations!

Leadville: Good Morning Leadville

Leadville: Flowers Aplenty

Highway 24:

I want to thank my sister, Kathleen,
for taking me on her biking journey.
Without which I would never have the
opportunity to take these great pictures.

Lance at Leadville

Saturday, August 9th: Leadville The Race

I have followed the Tour since the days of Miguel and watched the Tour everyday of the 7 years that Lance won. Having never seen Lance at RAGBRAI, it was a thrill to see him in Colorado!

We just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

He looks great in his Livestrong jacket.The people behind Lance don't really see him-yet.
"Good luck Lance." I say as I pat him on the back.

Now they do.

Here is a glance at his rig. Riding a Trek, of course.

He is in there.

Race sponsor, Lance and Chris Carmichael, Lance's coach.

Christopher took this great shot.

Waiting for the countdown.

The gun was fired.

Such a pretty sight at 6:30 a.m.

Christopher caught them blasting through the first stop.

I was over a bit as he passed. He was in 7th at this point.
Off they go.

Dave Weins leads Lance over by the dam.
Heading for the finish 40 miles away.

This is the more gentle terrain that turned into a nice headwind.

Sunday, August 10th: Award Ceremony

Lance receives the goods. He will be back next year.

It was great to see him in person.
Now I can add my OWN pictures of him to my all Lance screen saver!

You can do your own searches for more complete and detailed accounts of the race.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mineral Belt Trail

August 4th and 6th were great days for a ride on the 11.6 mile loop around town. I 'm glad I could go a 2nd time with Amy so that I could actually stop and look at what we passed the first time.
Doug is an excellent photographer.
It hard to picture this valley full of miners,
noise, dust and worse over 100 years ago.

Doug demonstrates what NOT to do. Thanks for the tip.

Most of the timbers are original.

Each pile is the result of a mine.

Amy and Mike are on the down.
I was able to get up to 28mph when I went down.
No brakes for me. Free ride.

Looking down California Gulch at Leadville and Mount Massive.
Hard to beat a view like this.
Mount Elbert and Mount Massive.
The Tabor cabin where Baby Doe was found.

Amy and I made it to the top. Photo by Amy
More mine ruins. Was this used for storage?
This could be one of the earlier ruins in California Gulch. Panning for gold is what brought people here.

To learn more try: The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum, Leadville, Colorado: A capsule History by Jerry Clark.

Take care & take pictures,