Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beers To You at GPBAC

I was fortunate to be able to attend Beers to You and Gourmet Too tonight at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center here in Cedar Falls. The proceeds will be going to support programming.

In the past I have been enriched, amazed, impressed and moved by huge variety of music, dance and shows. I have also been fortunate to go to a couple Kaleidoscope performances. This is the education outreach that the GBPAC is known for. For more information go to the GBPAC site as they explain it very well.

This is the first time in our area that a fundraiser like this as been put on. All I can say is WOW!

Tara Sagers of Fahr Beverage introduces the guest speaker Mr. John Hall, an alum of UNI and CEO of Goose Island Brewery.
Mr. Hall tells us about the different beers, hops and the variety of beers that he and his company create. Behind him are Sous Chef Steve Carlton and Executive Chef Jim Nadeau of Sunnyside Country Club of Waterloo, Iowa. They prepared four offerings using beer in the recipe. The Beef Tenderloin with Nut Brown Demi was to die for. I really wanted to switch seats to get another taste of that.
Twenty three restaurants offered their wonderful food paired with over 30 beers and/or ales. The surprise was the Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. My favorite, which is really hard to decide, was the Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms from SAAKs on Bremer. It was all exceptionally good. (This is coming from a person who has drank beer enough to count on one hand.)

Brent tries out the ice sculpture from Goose Island.
Friends of GBPAC President, Kathleen Porter thanks Mr. Hall for coming.
The co-chairs Paul Stapella and Nancy Seidler worked very hard
to bring us this wonderful experience.Kathleen Porter, Paul Stapella and Steve Carrigan, Assistant Vice President for Educational and Sports Event Center Management, (I just call him Steve)
check with each other on how everything is going.

As a parting gift we were given gift bags with recipes, coupons,
information AND a Beers to You glass. Here's to next year!

Krispie Kronicals

Back by popular unanimous demand are the best
Krispie bar you've sunk your teeth in to. Or tried to anyway.
This is not the recipe on the box.
The secret....the ratio between butter and marshmallows.
Sorry..can't reveal the ratio as I don't remember.
It takes plenty of muscle to man-handle them.
I mean...woman-handle those babies into the pan.

You can see the bars - somewhere between the Yoga Towels and the microwave.

Now is this a no brainer decision or what?

This could be an entire meal.

To think he drove up from Cedar Rapids
and beat his body for 2 hard miles just for one of these.
When eating -do not look right or left.
Truly the saddest site I saw all day.
An orphaned half eaten bar.. on the cold, hard and dirty ground. sniff sniff.
-Kim, I saved one back for myself, Pierce

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Frostbuster- Look Back at Last Year

Going down memory lane. Frostbuster VII.

Making sure all is A-okay is Amy, Mike and Solveig.
I was the door opener and greeter. Welcoming all who came lugging their rollers.
(Notice the lack of coats and snow.)

Lots of Bike Tech jerseys. A good thing.
Thank goodness for games.

Looking at the computer... how much much longer?

Come join us this coming Sunday, February 24 at the Cedar Falls Rec Center for this years excitement of Roller Races!
Frostbuster VIII

I'll be there to hold the door and greet the roller luggers
...and take some pictures.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

There Has Been a Time Without Snow - Really

May: Iowa City, Iowa Old Capitol.
A look right down the middle.
July: Littleton, Iowa
Only one cow stops long enough to pose for a picture.

July: Iowa: Clear Lake
All kinds of water craft enjoying a break from the stiffling heat and humidity.
September: Wisconsin Tyrol Ski Basin
This is what it looks like without the snow.
October: Cedar Falls, Fall Camporee.
Troop 55 is out doing a service project for Black Hawk Park.

Take pictures year round. Enjoy each season. -Kim

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Five Kittens: The First Year

It was bitterly cold.
Name: Jacob.
He was taken in.
Conditions demanded a name change: Jennifer.
She was soon to be a single mother.
Soon five kittens arrived.
The quints were given generic names.
The date: February 6, 2007
Proud Mama, "I have it good now."
Climbing the ladder to success.
On top:Spottie,
middle:Grant and Pee Wee
Bottom: Crusty and Blacky
Spotty checks out her shadow.
Taking time to pose for a portrait.
They are getting good.
It's good to be a kitten...just lazing around.
It is May. These girls are about to move out.
They now have REAL names.
Samantha (Sammie) and Penelope (Penny)The move was 4 miles away to my house.
Moving in make a kitten tired!Blacky (Henry) found some good digs in Waterloo.
He settled in well and is said to be highly intellegent.The twins,Crusty (Rusty) and Grant relax at the home
place having moved but a mere 40 yards away to the big house.
Rusty is shy and Grant is brave.Sammie is easy going and ready to duck out the door
while Penny is more cautious.Penny and Sammie settled in have adapted well to
fashion changes, kids, and being carried all over the place.
It is amazing h ow much pets and enrich ones life!
Here's to our kittens!
Happy 1st Birthday Henry, Grant, Rusty, Sammie and Penny!

Take lots of pictures of your pets. If you are will get some really good ones. Kim

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Freewheel Bike Shop, Minneapolis, MN

You got to love this place.
They say that this is the best bike shop in the Twin Cities. I believe it.
The service is excellent, the staff..devoted, the selection is overwhelming.
Just a sampling of the couple hundred bikes.
You can also ride around the floor on the little track.
Your bike will be fitted on the spot with Lance looking over your shoulder.
Of course some people have already had THAT experience!
I liked the sink in the bathroom.
The handles were easy to grip.