Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best of 2007: Vertical in a Flat Land

Chicago is not known for its rolling hills and valleys. It is a land that has been flattened by glacial ice sheets and its only inclines that I have seen are when you cross over an interstate. If you walk around though you can certainly feel the heights. Or maybe its because we are small.Chicago Board of Trade
The Walk across on the Wrigley Building
Looking into a alley.
This extra large flag is inside on of the atrium's in the Macy's (Marshall Field's)

Here are a couple of Chicago architecture sites.
Building the Windy City

Go out and take some picture! Kim

Monday, December 17, 2007

What I Did This Weekend - KCCX 2007

Cyclocross National Championships 2007 - Kansas City
Saturday, December 15

I never laid down to get the shot. There were plenty of photographers who did.
The first turn is the best. They are all together. The excitement is very high.These riders found the best line through the mud.
Sunday, December 16
Men's Collegiates running up the steps. There were 143 racers from all over the U.S.

We were very thankful that the sun was out.
You had to bring your own chair as there was nothing to sit on. We had our own, thankfully.
Katie Compton is the winner for Women's Elite. 72 women started.
Each race was had a different personality. Either by temperature, freezing mud, thawing mud, sleet, sun or no sun. It turns the course into a real challenge.

Our favorite Todd Wells. Though I did meet Jessie Anthony's parents.
The winner, Tim Johnson shakes hands with Jonathan Page.
Stacks of medals.

Men's Elite Podium

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Archive: Skyline

Skylines are a cities signature.
Telling all in shapes, tones and texture.
Telling the history of growth and struggle.
It is a story of choices.
Will it be a wedding cake or chair type building?
Will it be glass, terracotta, steel or cast iron?
The skyline is the dream of architects and the reality of those that live and work in them.

Here is natures version of a skyline.

1) Chicago,Il
2) Galena, Il
3) Dubuque, Ia,
4) Des Moines, Ia
5) Denver, Co
6) Rocky Mountain National Park. (This is 3 pictures merged together)