Saturday, November 22, 2008

UNI vs Iowa State Women's Basketball, Nov 20, 2008

Here are a couple pictures from the basketball game the other night.

Let me say that those who know me know that I am no huge fan of basketball. Actually I don't care for basketball too much.
My sister took Elizabeth to the game as it was girls night out while I went to an art show reception for Gary Kelly's Paris and the French Riviera. (my other blog.) I met up with them at close to half time. This was the second time that I've been in the McLeod center. The first time was May of 2006 for high school graduation.

We are slightly over matched.
Not to worry as it's a young team and
they will all learn from the experience.

State unity is shown with the cheer squads.

Half time already. No marching bands as in football.
We saw some great pyramid building.

I can't even see the ball.

Another score for UNI.

T.C. mingles with the fans.

Some are loved and some wipe up sweat.

Red bird alert.

Win or lose it was very nice.

"Good game."

It was fun to people watch. Perhaps I'd see another game someday. Till then...

Take care and take pictures of all the family happenings at Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum, Grand Opening

Our state museum to honor all Iowa Veterans opened today. I am sorry to say that I didn't make it to the parade or the ribbon cutting. I arrived at 3:00 to volunteer in what ever way needed.

The Lone Sailor looks great against the colors.

Civil War meets todays sailors.

The Navy band sounded beautiful in the atrium.

Here is the picture that I was talking about in the first post about the museum.

The last time I saw so many uniforms was when I toured the Pentagon.

I really like how the story of the home front is told from several eras. Do you think we would have won without the support from home?

Reenacters from several states answered the call to come recognize
the veterans and help tell the story.

The little prairie girls are checking out the photos that soldiers carried with them to war.

The gift shop was open. I liked the Lone Sailor pin that I bought.

Top of the hour...BOOM!

The Lone Sailor has company tonight.

The staff at the Grout worked very hard to get everything ship shape for today.
The feel of the museum is pride, honor, sacrifice, unity and wonderment. It was very moving to see our veterans take it all in and hear their comments. Even I, a volunteer of two hours, was thanked for being there! I told them that the thanks belongs all to them.

I encourage you to run over and take a tour. It really is well done.

Thank a veteran and take pictures,