Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Westward Ho!!

Our first day of vacation took us all the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Thankfully the trip was unremarkable. I like riding shotgun so I can take pictures.

Sunday, July 27

I try to take pictures of the state welcome signs.

This crop duster was fairly close.

We watched the temperature climb and climb.

The cloud formations were really dramatic. The space is so vast.

We watched the temperature change.

We arrived in the capitol city of Wyoming.
This Union Pacific rail yard is the largest yard I have seen.This picture cannot do the yard justice.
Monday, July 28

One of several boots celebrating the centennial of the state.

We attempted a trolley tour. We had to bail half way through. We think it was half way, not quite sure. Good thing my camera was on my wrist as I fell asleep and dropped it. I didn't take any pictures on the tour as we kept passing by the same buildings over and over. He was an old disk jockey and former teacher. He showed us all the sites where buildings USE to be.

Here are some pricey boots at the Wrangler Store.
A boy from Florida is wearing his well worn Johnny Popper boots.
He was outfitted with some new ones.
We are truly in cowboy country.
This buffalo greeted us after we crossed to Colorado.
You can see for miles.

The beginning of many pictures of scenery. I can't put but a small sampling on.
Views from our hotel window in Estes Park.
Kathleen has the computer lab set up.
Tues, July 29

We walk to down town and see the famous Stanley Hotel.

Lunch is at the deli next to the theater. All the sandwiches are named after movies.
This is the Three Sopranos.

I would like to get my nerve up to ride up the cable car. After all we are all acclimating
Rocks on the way to downtown.
We rode our bikes downtown for dinner. It was downhill all the way.
It really wasn't so bad going back.
The elevator is out so it's hike a bike to our room 8 flights up.
It's getting easier and we aren't gasping for breath quite so bad.
Till next time,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bags are packed and ready to go!

Instructions were given, several times. Hunted for cords and adapters. Ran to the store a couple times for more stuff to add to what we have already. We are headed for Colorado tomorrow. Kathleen, and a couple kids and a new camera to try. (10x digital zoom and a 28mm wide can be formated to a 4x6 picture or to fit a flat screen tv.)
I will try and post some pictures as I'm sure I will be taking some!

Take care and take loads of pictures,
Sorry- no time to post a picture. First time for everything!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Iowa Games Cycling TT 2008

Tonight's time trial marked the end to a very busy week. In spite of the work out it really is a stress reliever to do something. Elizabeth and I joined Kathleen, Solveig, Mike and then met up with Karen (and niece) and Rob S. down in Cambridge, Iowa for the Iowa Games Time Trial.

I believe each person has certain goals when riding or racing bikes. I always imagined that I too would have a goal or two should I be brave enough to try.

Tonight I was brave enough to try. After all it is only 12 miles on near flat road. I knew there were some good vibes when I picked up my number and it was "6".

Bike Tech did very well, each one of us bringing something home. Karen brought home gold, Mike (pr set) and Solvieg each brought home silver and I got the bronze!!! (Rob received gold too?) Way to go! 100% for the team!!

During the race I did quite a bit of praying. Praying that I wouldn't cause someone to fall, praying that I wouldn't have a heart attack, praying that the cramp in my calf wouldn't get too bad and cause me to fall. I'm glad Mike fixed my brake so it wouldn't slow me down anymore than I was going. Mike said had I pumped up my tires I could have done even better.

I am thankful for those that encouraged me as they passed by. Karen, Mike, Rob S., Lacey, Michelle. (They went past so fast that I didn't have time to utter a thanks or anything.) Thanks to Kathleen and Elizabeth who cheered me on.

Who would have believed that I would, could, and did a time trial. I guess you really can do anything.

I thank this unknown gentleman who inspired me for a whole year. I thought of you off and on and never forgot how you did your best. Thanks for your inspiration.
Take care and next time I'll take pictures.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Clear Lake Weekend

Here are some pictures and comments from the weekend.

My sister and I went up to Clear Lake for the Bikes, Blues and BBQ. There was a crit on Saturday and the good old road race on Sunday.

Low humidity equals very clear pictures.

That might translate to too harsh of shadows.

You don't have to have the entire bike.
Fill up the viewfinder with people.

Look for sweeping shots.

Take time to notice beautiful homes.
One of many that I saw. I could have taken hundreds of house pictures.

Look for the lighter moments.

Or, take the people out and go for close ups.

What kind of bush is this anyway?

Or this flower? Doesn't matter really.
The color is pretty good and the natural composition is good.

My favorite time of day. Near sunset.

It's all about lighting, composition and texture.
Check out lighting on the Wisconsin State Capitol

Great lighting.

Minor cropping brings in the action.

Sunday started at the Surf.

Facing west in the morning is not the best lighting.
Good morning Carl and good luck.

The light is harsh.

It's a good thing to keep your camera handy.
You never know what interesting thing will be going on.

I hope this wasn't a bike racers car.

Getting on the same level works out well. Especially with children.

Amanda looks great. However I should have moved so that cloud
didn't look like it is steaming out of her helmet.

Punk Rock girls are assessing the bad crash.
This would have been a better picture had I moved another step right.

That is why I take plenty of pictures.
Choices. If you only take one picture you will only have one picture to pick from.

Take care and take pictures,