Monday, December 1, 2008

Land of Lincoln

Saturday, November 29th 2008, Springfield

The focus of our trip was the Dana Thomas House. I read in USA Today that it was closing to the public as of December 1st. This house was on my list of "must see" so we decided to go for it. My pictures of the house are on my other blog. The pictures on this blog are of the Lincoln home, the Lincoln Museum ( toured on Sunday) and some very memorable corn dogs. We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn on Dirksen Parkway, also recommended.

After the tour of the Dana-Thomas house we stopped by the Lincoln home. Too late for a tour we walked around his neighborhood.

We asked the staff at the visitor center for a recommendation for supper. She suggested the Cozy Dog Drive In

An icon of Springfield since 1949, it sat on Route 66.

The hit of the basket is the signature corn dogs. It's piping hot crunchy, not too thick crunchy coating and great quality dog made us think of the tv show, Drive Ins and Dives. Yes, dive right in to a cozy dog! It is closed on Sundays so we couldn't stop for lunch. We were able buy batter to take home and try it ourselves. We highly recommend!!!

Take care and take recommendations from the locals on where to go. They know. Take plenty of pictures of the glorious moments.

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